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Red Mask

I know there's been lots of gassin' about how LJ is headed down the tubes ever since the appearence of Foooooooooreign Investoooooooors* who have introduced obnoxious video ads, turned free features into pay features, and done other odious things. After giving it some thought I've decided to jump ship before we smack into the iceberg so I finally went and got myself a blogger thing.

To be honest I've been thinking about getting a blog for quite some time because there are an insane number of really cool people on blogspot. Now this doesn't mean I'm going to give up completely on LJ because there are still an equally amazing number of awesome dudes here as well so I'll still pop in to check out my friends list and comment on stuff.

Another thinhg is I had my birthday recently (June 25th, woo-hoo...) and I realized that I really need to refocus my creative energies into something a little more constructive so I'm treating this whole venture as a way to make a fresh start and I'm going to make myself work in my sketchbooks every day, maybe crank out some FINISHED comics, definitely get back to work on my paintings and also continue work on my video projects which got shuffled onto the back burner.

Oh, and while I'm at it I went ahead and got a Tumblr because that's what all the kewl kidz are doin'.

*The italics connote saying the words "foreign investors" in a spooky voice. Try it. It's fun.

Blue Mask
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