The extra !'s are for extra gnnnrRRAAARGH!!!


Dis pitcher inspired in part by a shopping trip the missus and I made the other day and I saw way too many people wearing TAPOUT shirts. I farted this out mainly to see how my tablet works with my desktop seeing as how the computer I usually use it with (my laptop) is pulling a Terry Schiavo on me. Between work and other stuff I haven't been able to use my tablet in quite some time so now I basically have to re-learn how to draw with it because everything feels weird.

Shooby do wah... bop-sh-bop...

Some of you might know Shain (nee dwinghy) as one-half of the weberatti power-couple that makes up Mister Kitty which is home to the totally hilarious "Stupid Comics" and lots of other fun stuff. In addition to this she is a crackin' good artist who's been doing comics for a looooong time and recently offered to doodle up some stuff on request. I was lucky enough to horn in on this racket and humbled asked for a picture of my personal kaiju spirit-animal in the form of a "Booska Disco Party". She proceeded to up the ante with awesomeness and drew me a Booska ROLLER Disco Party.

Thx Shain, you rock.

So tired...

But this is good tired from busting my chops doing stuff. Lynn has been helping me get off my butt and out into the real world where some opportunities for me to change my career have been popping up (Thx bebbeh...) I've also come up with an idea for a new project I need to find time to work on... That is IN ADDITION to the other video project I was working on which got shoved to the back burner and I need to finish. And of course we were busy doing some serious Home Depot-calibre grunt work building a patio! How did all this get started you ask...?

Our Patio 1/5
One day my wife and I decided we were tired of having the view right outside our den window be a butt-ugly flowerbed flanked by an ancient brick planter box.

So we went out and bought oursevles a sledgehammer, started busting stuff up and began to construct a patio...

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This month has been rather crappy so far. We've been crazy tight for money and last week someone broke into Lynn's car. We'd left it parked in the driveway overnight because she needed the space in the garage to do some painting.

On the plus side... We seemed to have turned a corner and hopefully things will be less crappy. The diet program we adopted at the start of the year is paying off. We're losing weight and feeling fantastic. And I've been busy working on my next video thing which hopefully I'll get done soon. And I've got a nice little surprise planned for my bebbeh for Valentines Day.

Oh, and after a lull that's lasted way too many years I've decided to do some painting. It's been a while and I gotta say this was pretty fun to make.

Now Printing... tasty sammiches...

Wow... Stuff like this just totally blows me away. I mean it is insane to contemplate how far 3d printing technology has come in such a short time. I can remember a few years back reading about this stuff and the machines at the time would crank out these primitive monochromatic objects and now you can make incredibly accurate models (with interlocked free-moving parts no less!)

Now this tech doesn't come cheap, I think the printers themselves clock in around the 15-20K range. Of course if you want to make your own neat model thingy and don't happen to have several thousand dollars laying around collecting dust you could always go check out Shapeways. It's a company that prints objects on demand and they also have a Cafe Press-esque shop system set up. Very neat stuff.

And no I'm not a paid shill. I just think this technology is amazing and I'm having a bit of a geek-out moment...